BPRC is located at the South end of the ‘Lagoon’ in Berkeley’s Aquatic Park. The waterway is 1500m long and runs parallel to Interstate 80 between the University and Ashby exits. The boathouse is located at the Ashby end of the lagoon and can be seen from the highway. A gated access road from the southern park entrance leads to the club’s small parking area, dock, and facility.

BPRC has access to the entire lagoon year-round, except during the late-spring and summer months when the Berkeley Water Ski Club and their launch take priority during certain hours and in certain areas. See our Water Time Allocation Schedule to see which hours the Ski Club has priority on the water. The City of Berkeley does not allow motorized craft on the water between November 1 and March 1 each year.

How to find us

Be advised that most mapping systems do not provide correct directions to our location – it is best to use the directions provided below.

Driving directions from the South

Driving directions from the North

Driving directions from the East