Volunteer of the Year Award

Kathryn L. Furano was an avid rower, fierce competitor and a truly kind, giving woman. As a member of BPRC she served on the Board for many years and always had a vibrant smile for all.

The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented in her memory in recognition of club members who have made invaluable contributions to BPRC through outstanding initiative, activity and involvement, best personifying the unselfish spirit of our sport.

Elizabeth Rowell

2022 BPRC Volunteer of the Year

2022: Elizabeth Rowell - Elizabeth has spent countless hours orienting, mentoring and teaching new paddlers at the Club. She follows up with all new members to make sure they are getting the assistance they need, and is perhaps the most thorough mentor we could ever hope for.
Georgiana Ogrean

2021 BPRC Volunteer of the Year

2021: Georiana Ogrean - over the year, Georgiana assisted with multiple boat repairs, eventually joining the Boat Team which also advises on boat purchases. She coached and mentored many new members and was an integral part of our new Quarterly Technique Clinics. She usually rows the Van Dusen, but has been lured into doubles and a quad as well. It seemed that whenever you turned around, there she was, helping with something else. Her constant smile and willingness to jump in and help is appreciated by all!
Bill Malecki

2020 BPRC Co-Volunteer of the Year

2020: Bill Malecki - headed the Boat Team and expanded our rowing fleet. He also took on primary responsibility in the efforts to eliminate the worm casings under our dock.
Carla Jourdan

2020 BPRC Co-Volunteer of the Year

2020: Carla Jourdan - completely redesigned our website, has added many features and also coordinates the monthly sign up and reminder for the BPRC Task List (have you signed up yet?)
Paul MacIntyre

2019 BPRC Volunteer of the Year

2019: Paul MacIntyre - Designed and built the log-in desk, boathouse doors and storage shed.
David Williams

2018 BPRC Volunteer of the Year

2018: David Williams - Oversaw the design, engineering and installation of our new dock.
David Olson

2017 BPRC Volunteer of the Year

2017: David Olson - Rewired the boathouse to bring it up to code.