The Boathouse

The Kenneth A. Hayes boathouse is owned by the City of Berkeley and is leased by the Club. The Club maintains the boathouse facility, as well as the public dock and surrounding area at the SW corner of Aquatic Park.

Boat Bay

The facility houses a fleet of sculls, kayaks, canoes, and SUPs for member and guest use. BPRC also offers limited storage of personal craft in the boat bay as well as in its exterior fenced storage enclosure. For a more comprehensive list of available craft see the Boats page.

The Lagoon

We share the water with the Berkeley Water Ski Club from May to September. For specific days and times, see our Water Time Allocation Schedule.

For lagoon traffic patterns, practice areas and water hazards, please review this detailed, color coded map. For a breakdown of general lagoon safety practices and directional buoys, click here.

The lagoon is home to a variety of flora, including Widgeon Grass, a type of underwater grass also known as submerged aquatic vegetation which usually starts to appear around late spring. The City of Berkeley typically times its yearly maintenance of the lagoon to coincide with the growth of the grass. We may be able to help speed this process by providing comments addressing the spread of this vegetation. If you would like to help, please fill out this form.

Weight Room

In addition to the boat bay, there is a small gym where members and their guests have access to free weights, including barbells and dumbbells, a universal weight machine that includes a leg press, lat pull down, seated row, and bicep and tricep stations. We have two Concept 2 Model D ergs, a Concept 2 Dyno machine, and a Kayak Pro erg – about the only dry land paddling you can do. They gym also has a pretty decent sound system to provide inspiration for your land workout!

Locker Rooms

There are men’s and women’s lockers rooms that house bathroom facilities, two showers each and additional storage for towels and bath supplies.