BPRC Boat Re-Entry Clinic on Sun. Sept 19. 2021

Here is an opportunity to practice the essential skill of getting back into your paddling or sculling shell should you fall out. Sure, there are YouTube videos to review watching someone else do it, but if you come to the clinic and participate, you’ll know you can do it as well.
This clinic is for both paddlers and rowers. You will practice getting back into a stable Maas Aero for scullers and into the S1-R surfski for paddlers. BPRC members will be on hand to coach you how to get back into the boat or assist you if necessary.
Please follow this link to sign up.
Scullers will be starting at 11am; paddlers will start at 1pm. You can participate in both if you wish.
Please Note: BPRC members need to follow current indoor/outdoor guidelines set by CDC/State of California and local Health department.
Looking forward in helping you practice this essential safety skill.
Rosalie Frankel and Brandon Cesar – sculling and Elaine Baden – paddlers