Berkeley Paddling and Rowing Club

Water Time Allocation Schedule

We share the lagoon at Aquatic Park with the Berkeley Water Ski Club.

From May through September, the Water Ski Club has priority on the water during the following times:

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
12pm-5pm 10am-2pm

9am-4pm 10am-2pm

9am-4pm 10am-2pm


The water skier 'lane' is shown in bright blue. The dotted white line represents the appropriate departure and return route for BPRC members while water skiers are on the water.

The City of Berkeley allows no motorized craft on the Aquatic Park water between November 1 and May 1.

Priority means that we can't get in their way when they have access to the water. We have had a very good relationship with the Water Ski Club the last few years - something we'd like to maintain.

Per agreement with the City of berkeley, water skier activity is restricted in the following areas:

  • within 50 meters from the BPRC dock

  • within 50 meters from the south end

  • within 50 meters from the east side

  • north of the half-way point

(see the bright blue area in diagram at right)

When the water skiers are on the water, here's how our members have handled it in the past:

  • Leave the dock and go along the south end.

  • When you get to the east side (the side away from the Bay), paddle or row carefully along this side until you are well past the island. It is best to go slowly so that you can brace against the tipping aspect of the waves from the ski boats, and because you might encounter another club member coming in the other direction in the same narrow lane.

  • On the northern half of the water, do your training as you would normally.

  • Coming back to the boat house you reverse this process (i.e. do not return to the boathouse in the regular return lane on the Bay side).

(see the dotted line in diagram at right)